The Best Tips to Protect And Maintain Artificial Plants

Artificial plants are becoming trendy because of their low maintenance conditions and cost-effectiveness. Freshly cut natural flowers can brighten your place but can die within a day or two. That is the reason people are moving towards artificial ones, such as Artificial Olive Trees, to decorate and enlighten their place with greenery. Everyone loves nature and wants a garden full of plants in their home. But unfortunately, natural plants usually require a lot of survival conditions, and most of you need more time to invest in these real plants; that is why Faux plants have gained massive popularity in recent years.

Artificial palm tree

Although faux plants are easy to handle, they also require some proper conditions for their maintenance; otherwise, they will fade away. Dust and spots on the faux plants make them look dull and dirty. They look unpleasant and unattractive. So proper care for these plants is necessary to complete your garden bloom with plants and greenery.  A thorough dusting periodically of your Artificial Palm Trees makes them refreshing and live for many years, and you can enjoy greenery in the long run.

How To Care For Artificial Plants:

To keep your plants looking as fresh as the day you bought them, it’s essential to take extra care of them. Protecting these plants from extreme environmental conditions is necessary to keep your artificial garden fresh.  Dust usually forms layers on the petals and branches of the faux plants, giving your plants an untidy look and dull appearance. Proper cleaning is required to maintain your plants and make them more durable and valuable. Some plants have soft petals; you can wipe them with a little piece of damp cloth that removes all the stains and dirt. Staining on the long branches of Artificial Olive Trees looks unpleasant and should be wiped out to make them clean and pleasant.

General Care Tips For Faux Plants:

Whatever you choose for your place, a faux plant, tree, flowers, or succulents all require proper care and maintenance. They need adequate storage conditions, and placing them outdoors must also be protected.

Keep Faux Plants Away From Direct Sunlight:

Direct sunlight harms the vibrant colours of the petals, leaves, and branches. UV Exposure may cause fading of the colours, and sometimes the shape of leaves may be deformed. To make your plants more durable, always protect them from sunlight. Always read the UV Resistant label while buying artificial plants to use them for a long time. If they are not UV resistant, try to place them away from direct sunlight and in windows that are away from direct exposure to the sun.

Move Artificial Plants Frequently:

Placing artificial plants subsequently in the same place may harm the plants. There might be some seasonal variations that harm them. Moving them frequently allows less fading and concentrated fading on a single area. Always love and care for your Artificial Palm Trees like the real ones so you can use them for a long time.

Regularly Clean Your Faux Plants:

It is essential to clean your faux frequently and free them from dust and dirt to extend their life and maintain their original hue. Dust and dirt may accumulate on the leaves, branches, and flowers, which makes them look dull and worn out. Different cleaning methods can save your faux and let your space beautify for longer.

How To Clean Artificial Plants?

Cleaning of the faux plants is necessary to prolong their life. Natural plants require proper cleaning, cutting, and pruning, which is not the issue with artificial ones. You can just use simple cleaning methods to help you maintain your Artificial Palm Trees, Artificial Ficus Trees, Orchid arrangements, etc.

Set A Cleaning Schedule:

Everyone is busy in their offices and homes, so there is always a busy schedule. You have to spend some time maintaining your home and working place. Artificial plants require minimum effort, and you should set a cleaning schedule for them. Frequent dusting can prevent your plants the accumulation of dirt and dust. The frequency of cleaning depends upon your location and weather.

Gently Wipe Off Stains:

Sometimes large plants may have stains and dirt on their leaves and branches. Showering them is not recommended as it may harm and spoil their colours. So wiping off the stains with a damp cloth is preferable. Just use a wet cloth and wipe them gently to remove all stains. Do not use detergent or soap; it may cause discoloration of the plant.

Faux Plants Should Be Protected From winter:

Artificial Olive Trees and other artificial plants do not require much care. They do not have leaf foliage or dispose of dead leaves. But somehow, they need your attention. In winter, the building material of outdoor aux plants may be damaged or discoloured, so one of the best methods to protect these artificial plants is to bring them indoors, away from the severe weather. But when you keep them indoors, ensure they are cleaned periodically and keep them away from dust.

How To Add Shine In The Artificial Plants:

Adding a little shine to the artificial plants makes them look natural and alive. You can clean the plants and use a spray bottle to add a gentle mist over the leaves to keep them looking fresh and dewy. For this purpose, the best DIY is to use a hair spray. You just have to use hair spray on the branches, and they will look like the newer ones. The plants like Artificial Plam Trees will look more refreshing and cool when they regain their shine.

End Verdict:

Faux plants are gaining popularity day by day. Everyone is using these plants to decorate their house, office, restaurant, bars, etc., to increase their place's beauty and greenery. They are becoming famous because of their fewer maintenance conditions. But if you maintain and care for these faux, they will beautify your places longer. You can make them look newer and fresher by simple cleaning and dusting.