What Are The Ways To Clean Artificial Plants?

Artificial plants are a great idea to add colour and decor to your room, house, and office. The faux plants bring nature to your place without the hassle of watering, pruning, and adding fertilisers. Artificial plants do not need any additional care, but to keep them closer to the realistic ones, they should be kept clean. Artificial plants like Artificial Bird Of Paradise require more care and a clean environment.

An Artificial Bird of Paradise in the living room.

Artificial plants do not drop leaves but still need the care to keep them looking good. And this care includes removing dust particles, stains, and filth. They also need to be cleaned regularly. Artificial plants require some cleaning; otherwise, they will fade or deteriorate. They should be dusted frequently, and apply cleaning products if needed. Having greenery around you proves beneficial, but those benefits will be wiped away when your plants are messy and dirty.

How Does Dirt Accumulate On Artificial Plants?

Natural plants in the home can be a headache because they require changing water, proper soil and nutrient content. Caring for the natural plant is rewarding, but on the other hand, it is an exhaustive process. This is the main reason to go for faux plants like Artificial Olive Trees.

An Artificial Olive Tree in the room with white sofa besides it.

But there should be maintenance needs that these plants require. Usually, Artificial plants are made up of synthetic materials and act as magnets toward the dust particles in the air. Sometimes accumulation leads to stains on the petals of the flowers and leaves, which give them a gross and untidy look.  For artificial plants, we need minimal effort for their maintenance.

How Often Should You Clean Artificial Plants?

The leaves of the Artificial Fiddle Fig Tree are extremely beautiful but look untidy when dust particles surround them. Faux plants are extremely easy to care for. These plants collect dust as much as possible due to their smooth surfaces and plain leaves. The dust particles may keep your plants filthy, but regular dusting and cleaning of these plants make them look presentable and pleasing.

Use A Brush:

You may use an anti-static brush or a simple paintbrush. You should match the brush's size with the plants' size. For plants with large leaves like Artificial Fiddle Fig Tree you need a brush of four-five inches

Use A Duster:

Dusters come in many forms, such as soft cotton cloths, microfiber cloths, and long fluffy dusters with handles. A soft cloth is easy to manage and suitable for small and dainty plants.

You can use a duster depending on the size of your artificial plant. Some types of dusters only clean the surface rather than remove it from the fibres; with those, you can use the vacuum and then dust the plant again.

Vacuum The Plant:

Though a vacuum is a handy appliance for your home, you may use it for some other benefits, like cleaning faux plants and trees. You can use the vacuum to dust off the particles from the plants. Try not to damage the plant and use it carefully while cleaning Artificial Bird Of Paradise and other types of plants; otherwise, you will ruin your plant's leaves.

Use A Hair Dryer:

This can be effective if you are working for small trees. Use the compressed air for dusting off the plants. Be careful the dust may not dislodge into your carpets. Use a mop to remove dust if you have a wooden floor. Refrain from concentrating the compressed air on the same area for a long time because it will damage the leaves of small and delicate plants like Artificial Olive Tree.

Use A Damp Cloth:

Starting from the top and then to the bottom, leaf by leaf, clean the flowers and leaves of faux plants with a damp cloth.  Make sure the cloth is coloured fast, and use an old towel or some sheets of paper towel to dry it off after cleaning with the damp cloth. Use it on the stains to remove them. This process is only effective when the colour of the cloth doesn't contaminate your plant

Cleaning Wipes:

Wipes are very effective for cleaning artificial plants. Some wipes lift off the dirt from the plants and help to regain your plants' shine. Some of the wipes claim that they will clean the dirt and prevent dust from sticking on plants' leaves like Artificial olive Trees and reclaim their shine. You can use hair sprays for this purpose. You may also increase the shine of your artificial plants by applying a small amount of olive oil to them.

Cleaning Sprays:

These sprays are very effective for removing dust from plants. Some special sprays are used for the silk flowers, which are safe and do not affect the colour of the silk. Always do a patch test before using cleaning sprays. It would be safe to avoid any mishap with your faux plants.

Precautions You Have To Take While Cleaning Artificial Plants:

Though artificial plants are easy to clean, there are some precautionary measures you must consider while cleaning them.

  • Always use cleaning materials that are safe for your plants.
  • Ensure the appliances you use for cleaning do not damage the leaves and flowers of the faux plants.
  • You should be more conscious of silk flowers as they are made of very soft fibre.
  • Dust it regularly to keep dirt away from your plant, like the Artificial Bird Of Paradise.


When you invest in artificial plants, you should also be concerned about their care and cleaning. They require little but consistent maintenance compared to natural plants. That way, they not only look fantastic but also prolong their life.