Best Artificial Plants Christmas Deals

It is possible to have eco-friendly decor without having to take extreme care. It may be time to embrace the faux plant trend and get the best artificial plants Christmas deals at discounted prices. If you frequently make the best-intentioned purchases of plants to liven up your space, just like me, only to have them die a few months later.

My proud possessions are now a silk pothos plant and a beautifully designed faux bird of paradise. I looked for silk, real-touch plants and paired them with natural materials under the guidance of Carlos Franqui, the man behind Floratorium, which creates magnificent large-scale displays, frequently with artificial blossoms for hotels, restaurants, and stores.

Decorate Your Home with Realistic Plants

Both indoor and outdoor settings are made more beautiful and cheerful by plants. More than just a pretty arrangement may be achieved with plants in home design. You can work, rest, and live in a pleasant and peaceful environment thanks to indoor plant decor. You may create a sensation of openness by incorporating indoor plants into your living room and office décor. Check out our range of realistic plants to make your house appear more fascinating.

1. Artificial Monstera Plant (4')

4 feet tall Artificial Monstera Plant

The leaves' mixture of light green and yellow hues creates a cheery, upbeat atmosphere wherever they are used. Artificial monstera plant can be left on the ground next to a couch or coffee table or put in a planter to fill up the space—it looks stunning either way!

  • Small enough to fit in any location while also being wide enough to stand out.
  • Spreads joy and optimism throughout the space.
  • Leaves that are precise replicas of the real plant but with small holes.
  • No upkeep is necessary.
  • Stems with internal wiring are simple to work with.
  • The price covers the plant; accent pots or baskets are not included.

2. Artificial Olive Tree (6')

A 6 feet tall Artificial Olive Tree

A 6' artificial olive tree that requires no watering brings your room to life. The plant has fluffy green leaves and branches with a bush-like silhouette for a genuine appearance. If you've ever heard the phrase "give an olive branch," you'll be aware that a 6' Artificial Olive Tree symbolizes harmony and peace. Simply avoid eating these olives!

  • Design that is formed naturally.
  • To appear fuller leaves spread out.
  • To give the leaves an almost natural look, perfect colors were picked for them.
  • Silk is the material used to create leaves.
  • No upkeep is necessary.
  • The best materials were utilized to create your tree.
  • Adjustable shape
  • The cost of the plant, a knick-knack pot, or a basket is not covered.

3. Artificial Ficus tree (6 ft)

A 6 ft tall Artificial Ficus tree

Feel secure in our designs, which are influenced by nature and made from superior materials. After all, our 6-foot artificial Ficus tree is based on a genuine article. Our realistic recreations of nature, created by horticulturists with experience in the live plant industry, are sure to wow you and the people you care about with their amazing appearance and feel.

  • Intertwined stems give the plant a lifelike aspect.
  • Lush, green leaves always appear more vibrant and full.
  • No upkeep is necessary.
  • Stems with internal wiring that is simple to alter.
  • The best materials were utilized to create your tree.
  • The cost just covers the plant; baskets and accent pots are not provided.

4. Artificial Fiddle Fig Tree - 5' (150cm)

A 5 ft tall Artificial Fiddle Fig Tree

The moss-covered basin of this artificial 5' fiddle fig tree is stunning. It can be put either indoors or outside. Our artificial tree adds the necessary elegance and freshness wherever it is needed. It blends seamlessly with any theme or décor. Add some plants to patios, coffee tables, desks, and other places.

  • Luscious, realistic foliage.
  • To achieve the exact look you like, reshape the stems.
  • Your new plant is made using only the best materials.
  • No upkeep is required.
  • sculptable; take any desired form.
  • Only the plant is included in the price; the decorative pot or basket is not.

5. Artificial Bamboo Tree (7ft)

A 7 ft tall Artificial Bamboo Tree

Use the Multi Bambusa Bamboo Tree to decorate your living room, foyer, or apartment, and let it express your style. Additionally, this exceptional item will immediately draw onlookers' attention and prompt them to admire you.

  • To create a more realistic appearance, actual bamboo sticks were used.
  • Sticks of dried and processed bamboo.
  • Stems with internal wiring that are simple to alter.
  • No upkeep is necessary.
  • Plant only; no decorative pots or baskets are included in the price.

6. Artificial Palm Tree (10 ft)

A 10 ft tall massive Artificial Palm Tree

With this pre-lit Artificial palm tree 10 ft, you can bring a little touch of the beach into your home! It is made of plastic and has a free-standing base that resembles a dune on top of which are stunning silk mix leaves that are spreading out. Additionally, it can be utilized outside to freshen up any outdoor area.

  • The strong, tall foundation can bear the weight of the entire tree.
  • It is possible to separate the leaves to make transporting them simpler.
  • Shape it whatever you wish with the easy-to-bend leaves.
  • Perfect for creating a beach theme everywhere.
  • The best shade is provided when placed close to patios.
  • There is no upkeep required.
  • Plant only; no decorative pots or baskets are included in the price.