How to Secure Artificial Plants in Pots?

It is normal to love greenery near you. But taking care and responsibility for plants takes a lot of time and energy. You may have to water some plants once, twice, or even thrice a day according to the needs of every plant. To avoid such a situation, you can purchase artificial plants for your home decor. Artificial plants offer a breathtakingly beautiful setting at a low maintenance cost. They offer an exceptionally beautiful panorama with the least time investment. There is no need to water them, and they don't fade away or expire rapidly. 

An Artificial Palm Tree in a white pot.

How to Plant Artificial Plants in Secure Pots?

While decorating your home, the addition of greens would make your place more calm and peaceful. Instead of fresh and real ones, you can add artificial plants as they will stay green forever. They are made of synthetic materials like silk and plastic. When you buy artificial plants, you know that they come in some plastic or teeny containers or starter pots. These pots are not for long-term use and may not get fit with your home or lounge theme. For such reasons, it is suggested to repot your plants. The artificial palm trees or plants can be easily shifted to pots of your own choice.

Things you Need to Secure Artificial Plants:

While securing an artificial plant in a planter or pot you may need these things:

  • An Artificial plant in a starter pot
  • A Planter or Pot in which you want to shift your plant
  • A pair of Disposable gloves
  • Some Filling material to fill the pot
  • And a Garden trowel

After gathering all the required things, you can now proceed towards the potting of the plant. For this, you can follow the below-mentioned steps. Read them so that you can get a complete guide and done with planting appropriately.

Selection of Right Pot

It is very crucial to do the right selection of pot. First of all, you have to check for the size of the pot which is accurate for your plant. You can also get an idea from the size of the starter pot. Measure the height and diameter of the starter pot and then get the pot of almost the same measurements. Too much small or big pots can disturb your plant’s stability. The base of the planter pot should be 5cm-10cm bigger than the base of the plant. 

The selection of your planter pot is also depending on your home décor. For this, you have to choose the pot according to the theme of the place where you are thinking to fit the pot. You can select a clay pot, a plastic pot that has a good look, a woven basket or any kind of pot that gets fits and complements your corner.

Filling of Pot with Right Stuff

After the selection of the pot, the very next step comes to fill the pot with some stuff. You can use spray foam, rocks, moss, moss rocks, small pebbles, dirt or soil to fill the pot. Other than these foam chunks, marbles and glass beads can also be used. Wear gloves and pour the material of your own choice into the pot and settle it properly on the base. Using rocks on the base will give enough weight to provide better stability. I would suggest adding soil so that your faux plants would give a real and lively look. Try to use soil that is dry, not wet or even damp, so that look of your artificial plants can’t be damaged or degraded. Also, check that the pot or soil is free from any kind of insects or worms. 

Place Plant Securely in Pot

Once you fill the container or planter with any material, now there is a turn to place the plant in the pot. Remember that, these fake mini creatures are going to add life and a serene look to your place. So it is up to you how nice and polite you deal with them. You can use expanding foam and place it on top of the filling material. Take the plant out from the starter pot and place it on the rim of the new pot and slightly set it on the foam. Wait for the foam to get hardened and then set the plant nice as desired.

Finally, you have done the process of placing the artificial plant in a pot. Now you can place the pot on the selected spot.

Tips to Make your Artificial Plant look like a Real one

Here are some real-time tips and tricks that can give your artificial plants a real look.

  • Make them clean so that they give a real shiny look as the original plants do give. You can use any faux plants cleaner so that you can clean them properly without damaging them.
  • It is better to place them in real plants so that no one can catch them as fake.
  • It is highly recommended to use soil as filling material. It is an eye-deceiving trick.
  • Placing artificial plants in direct sunlight can also give them a fresh and realistic look.

Bottom Line:

Concluding, this is a very easy and convenient method of securing an artificial plant in a pot. The mentioned steps should be read and followed in a proper manner and sequence. If you do the same procedure, you’ll not find any difficulty and your plants will stay fresher for a long time.

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