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Artificial Palm Tree - 6'(180cm)
Artificial Palm Tree - 6'(180cm)
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Artificial Palm Tree - 6'(180cm)

Artificial Palm Tree - 6'(180cm)

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Artificial Palm tree 6', like all palms, are an iconic symbol of tropical elegance and idyllic leisure. Around the planet, dreams of outstretched palms framing white sandy beaches, a crystal blue ocean, or an orange sunset, have come to represent the perfect vacation. We spent an enormous amount of time designing our Palms from trunk to leaves, to give them the exact same features that make us all love them.  Because let's face it, we all need a little bit more vacation in our lives even if it's just in our offices.

  • Stands at 6ft (180cm)
  • Bark, Foliage and stems designed to be as true to life like possible
  • Only the top materials are used to create your plant
  • Pairs perfectly with one of our baskets or planters
  • 100% free of watering or maintenance needed
  • Foliage is completely adjustable, shape anyway you desire