How to Make Artificial Plants Look Less Shiny?

Artificial plants now have much more importance as compared to the past due to millennials expressing a perfect picture. In recent times, these plants are introduced especially to enhance indoor beauty in multiple locations. It requires no attention and saves your precious time so we can say that artificial plants are back and trending. But due to some drawbacks, they are losing their value.

An Artificial Yucca Plant

By Waysaving professionals, artificial plants are of no or little value for plant lovers if they can’t give a realistic look. And that realistic look can be achieved with your tricky mind. Your artificial plants might be giving an unrealistic look because of their artificial pot, fake mud, or unnecessary sheen. The shine of real plants is due to their healthy texture but the shine on fake plants may represent their formation of fabric or plastic.

How to make Artificial plants look less shiny?

While decorating your home you always think about more comfort, beauty and less discomfort so planting faux or artificial plants at homes, restaurants, public sectors, libraries, laboratories, hospitals, etc. is the best option nowadays. People still feel hesitation about purchasing artificial plants due to their shiny surface but everything has a solution. We are sharing here a few tips on how to make artificial plants look less shiny and more real.

Things You Need to Do to Make Artificial Plants Less Shiny

Use Matte Sealer Spray

On shiny surfaces of artificial plants, especially on leaves that make your plant shiner than other plant parts, use matte sealer spray to make them look less shiny and artificial. As in case if plants are larger in size and have big pots so you don’t need to apply spray on every single corner and that’s really fine because lack of spray consistency gives your plant a real look. It is the most convenient method. This spray can be used for both indoor and outdoor plants due to the following characteristics which

  • Avoid unnecessary shine off the surface
  • Fast absorption and less drying period
  • UV-Resistant

Plant’s Location

Plant location always matters for its look when you are displaying your artificial plants. One thing that should always keep in mind select a place wisely. Choose dark places like those corners where no sunlight comes into the rooms which give your plant a less shiny look.

Rearrangement of Plants

To give artificial plants a less shiny look mix these plants with real ones because it’s easy to handle with no water and no light. These plants give more beauty to your home, especially in the lounge area and outdoor places and it is the most suitable trick when you are planting a large artificial tree in the garden.

Use Glass Bowls

Using glass bowls for artificial plants also enhances the beauty of that particular area. Take stems of artificial plants and put them into the glass bowl half full of water it gives more realism and a less shiny look. The glass and the presence of water will cancel or balance the sleek and shiny look of leaves made from waxy material.

Sprinkle Some Mud

You can also sprinkle some mud with your hands on the artificial potted plants so that their sheen can be toned down. The mud should be real, avoid the make one. You can also rub some mud gently on the surface of leaves, which can also dim the shine of these plants.

Select Colourful Plants

When we talk about plants, always green colour comes to mind which is shiny in plants as compared to other colours. Plants flowers have a variety of colours which is less shiny than green colour so when you display a fake green color plant add some multi-colour flowers into the pot which gives a less shiny look to the artificial plant.

For example, most people buy cactus because it has a shiny nature but to avoid their shiny look add some flowers to the pot.

Purchase High-Quality Plants

Quality depends on good selection. When you are going to purchase artificial plants, choose good quality plants. It would be time taking for those who don’t know about it because materials matter what they are made out of. High-quality artificial plants made of silk, fabric and high-quality plastic and these plants would not be much shiny. But the artificial plants of low or average quality will be made of waxy plastic, which gives a prominent artificial sheen on the surface of every leaf.

Bottom Line

Concluding, these all are the most suitable tips, tricks and convenient methods of making your artificial plants less shiny in less time. But always keep in mind that real plants also have a fresh and shiny look which is according to the health of the real plant. You cannot eliminate all the shine of real or artificial plants that will give a fade and wither look

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