How to Make Fake Soil for Artificial Plants?

The addition of items such as books, paintings, wind chimes, candles, etc. is constant but still unique in giving the home a traditional look. Most people love to have a fresh and scenic view. You can use small or big plants to get a look. But with fresh plants, you need to invest plenty of your precious time and attention. For a busy-schedule person, it is easy to place artificial plants in the home. Selecting and purchasing artificial plants is somehow tricky but not much difficult. But the main effort will be required to give your artificial plants a realistic look. For this, there are many options but the most convenient and easy to do is to place your artificial plants in soil.

How can I make Fake Soil that gives real look?

If you want to move your artificial plants in soil, you can use real or original soil or mud. But to avoid mess, you can also use fake soil for your artificial plants. You may find such type of soil in stores from where you buy artificial plants. If you don’t get it from anywhere, you’ll be glad to know that you can make or DIY fake soil.

Here we are going to discuss some easy methods, using which you can make your fake soil for fake plants.

With Coffee or Tea

To make fake soil, you can use coffee or black tea. Use raw and unused coffee or tea. The procedure is simple. First of all wear gloves and cover your place with some newspaper or rough cloth to avoid mess. Then mix the desired amount of any of the two ingredients or both with Elmer’s white glue. Stir them properly to make some hardy mixture. Waysaving professionals says, take a jar or pot, in which you want to fix your artificial plant. Pour the fake soil mixture into that pot and pat it with the help of a spatula to make a smooth surface. Then place your plant in the pot, and fix its stems in the soil. And let the fake soil mixture dry for some time.

With Sand Granules

Small sand granules can be purchased from any market and they can be used to make your artificial soil. The procedure is the same as the above one. You just have to mix the sand granules with the glue and pour the mixture into the pot. Place your faux plant in the fake soil and let it dry. You may find this method less expensive than preparing the soil with coffee or tea.

With White Plaster

White plaster is also an easily available ingredient. But to deal with this, it is mandatory to wear disposable gloves. Mix two parts of plaster with one part of water and add some brown color to the mixture. The mixture should not be too liquid. Pour the mixture into a piece of paper and mix it properly with the help of a plastic or disposable spoon and make its small parts separately. Then leave it to dry. After drying, crush the plater pieces into small granules. And pour them into the pot and place your artificial plant on its top.

With Granulated Salt

Salt is available in every home. To DIY your fake soil, you can use any crystallized or granulated salt. Common or table salt can also be used. Take the desired amount of salt in a container according to the size of your pot. Add a very small amount of desired liquid color, just take 2-3 drops for 3 tablespoons of salt. And mix them spontaneously. You can use food colors also. Pour the colored salt on the paper and spread it well. And leave it for 1-2 hours to dry. After drying, your fake soil is ready. Put the soil in your pot and set your artificial plant in it.

All the methods mentioned above are easy and good to make realistic fake soil. Although you are planting the faux plants, they also need to look like real ones. So that they can give you the same calmness and pleasure as the real plants give. Besides these, there are also other methods to make you fake dirt. Use molding clay as soil. You can also use Styrofoam at the base and pour the real soil or any of the fake soil on the top of Styrofoam. You can also paint the Styrofoam to brown or muddy color.

Why you should fix an Artificial Plant in the soil?

Place the artificial palm trees or plants in natural soil when you truly want to portray the deceiver. Nothing makes someone believe the plant that is standing on top of new black soil in a pot is fake! Maintain small moisture in the soil, and you can also sprinkle a small amount of soil on the leaves surface of the faux plants. It has only one drawback which is to clean or change the real soil on a regular basis as it requires frequent replacement. If typical home pollutants get inside of soil and stay there and combine with the water, this may mean microbial activity and a dehydrated look, which would nullify your all struggles and make the plant appear even more artificial.

Final Thoughts

Plants, either real or artificial, gives color to your life. Dealing with artificial plants seems to look very easy. But they also need some attention and maintenance. If you want to make them appear like real plants, just do the above realistic tricks to make fake soil.

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